Occasionally people need to contact someone about a particular aspect of Ecutsa. The following is a list of different jobs and the e-mail addresses to use in order to contact the people responsible for those tasks.


  • Project Leader — leaders@ecutsa.com

    • current Inas Khalil & Yohann-Simon Pichois
  • Technical Committee — tech@ecutsa.com

    • current Yohann-Simon Pichois
  • Secretay — secretary@ecutsa.com

    • current Ina Guillot

Communication and Outreach

  • Ecutsa Women
  • Events — events@ecutsa.com
    • member Camille Förtsch
  • Partnership’s program
  • Webpages
  • Social Media
    • member Gwenaëlle Hoch

Support and Infrastructure